Everything You Need To Know About The Hazard Perception Test

As well as the multiple choice section of the driving theory test, you must do a hazard perception task. In order to gain your certificate both sections must receive the relevant pass marks. Read more about the theory test in the previous blog post to get you started. At Philip Chappell Driving Tuition all learners receive a free theory programme with a hazard perception DVD; find out the basics now.

5 Tips For Your First Driving Lesson

You’ve finally booked your first driving test! Whether you’ve just turned seventeen and can now get your provisional licence, you’ve finally plucked up the courage, or you need to learn quickly, having your first lesson can be nerve-wracking. At Philip Chappell Driving Tuition students can expect two free hours to get them started. Read these tips to help you get the most out of your first driving experience.

How to avoid common driving distractions

Safe driving takes up a lot of your concentration, but it is easy to get distracted whilst on the road. We have compiled a list of some of the most common driving distractions and tips on how to avoid them. Texting Texting distracts you in three ways: mentally, physically and visually. Because of this, it […]

How to calm your driving test nerves

Nerves are unavoidable. We all, at some point or another, experience them, and your driving test will be no different. You will feel nervous. But thankfully, you can work towards calming those nerves and increase your chance of passing by doing a few things. And that’s exactly what we’re going to look at here. Practice, […]