How to calm your driving test nerves

Nerves are unavoidable. We all, at some point or another, experience them, and your driving test will be no different. You will feel nervous. But thankfully, you can work towards calming those nerves and increase your chance of passing by doing a few things.

And that’s exactly what we’re going to look at here.

Practice, practice, practice – There’s nothing that’ll prepare like practice. The more time you spend behind the wheel, the more confident you’ll become driving. So make sure you get out there; whether it’s with your instructor or a parent. It’s the best way to prepare.

There’s nothing worse than being asked to perform a manoeuvre that you aren’t confident with!

Ask questions – Uncertainty will make way to nerves. Don’t let this happen. If you’re ever unsure about a manoeuvre, a road sign, or a signal, just ask your instructor. Even if you think the question is stupid, ask it. It’s better to find out the answer than to be unsure.

Remain positive – Aside from practicing and reading up on theory it’s important that you remain positive about the test. Because if you go into thinking that you’re going to mess it up, guess what? You’ll probably fail.

If you feel you’re weak in certain areas, practice them until you feel positive about it.

Wait until you’re ready – Of course, you want to pass your driving test as soon as possible. It gives you a freedom like nothing else, but don’t rush into it. You probably aren’t ready, and chances are, you’ll fail.

Wait until you feel confident with each manoeuvre and comfortable on the road.

Eat a banana – Not the most conventional food, but they’re widely regarded as the driving test superfood. They’re full of B vitamins that’ll help you calm your nerves; they hold a type of protein that converts into what’s called the ‘happy hormone’; and they’re packed with potassium.

So eat a banana before you get behind the wheel!