5 ‘Show Me’ questions and answers to learn for your practical driving test

The Show Me, Tell Me portion of your driving test probably won’t be covered to any great extent within your driving lessons. This is because if you get all the questions wrong you will only receive one minor mark against you on the test assessment. However we feel that it greatly increases a driver’s confidence if they can answer these questions correctly. As the questions are asked at the start of the test they can either set you up for a great drive or damage your confidence before you’ve really begun.

Get to grips with these 5 Show Me questions and remember to show your examiner the answer:

1.       Show me how you would check the parking brake is working

The parking brake aka the handbrake should be used when parking, stopping on hills and stopping at stop signs and traffic lights. You shouldn’t embark on any journey if the parking brake isn’t working.

Show your examiner how you would test this by pressing the foot brake and then releasing the parking brake. Then pull it up without using the button (if you have one). You will hear several clicks, the number is different for each car but should be around 6 or 7. Show that it pulls up tightly.

2.       Show me how to check the brake fluid

To check the brake fluid go to the front of the car and open the bonnet- your instructor should have shown you how to do this before you take your test.

Open the bonnet and secure it open. Identify the container for brake fluid- it will have a brake symbol on the cap. Show your examiner the markers on the side of the container and indicate that the fluid should reach between the minimum and maximum levels.

3.       Show me that your brake lights are working

Your examiner may ask you this before you get in the car. Remember to note that he has asked you to show him rather than tell him. This means you must get into the car. He or she won’t get in with you but will stay outside the car.

Get in, switch on the ignition but do not start the car. The lights on the dashboard will light up. Depress the foot brake with your foot brake. If your examiner is satisfied he or she will continue with the test.

4.       Show me how to use dipped headlights

You may not have experience of using your headlights or have ever had need to dip them as learner drivers usually drive in daylight hours. You will soon need to know how to use these though and your instructor will show you where your lights are and how to operate them.

Turn on the car’s ignition but not the engine. Turn on the headlights and then use the controls near the steering wheel to dip the lights, showing both the temporary dip and permanent dip if applicable to your cars.

5.       Show me how to check power assisted steering is working

You will need to switch the engine on to demonstrate that power steering is working. Secure yourself in the car, putting your seatbelt on, checking your mirrors etc and then switch on the car engine. Turn the steering wheel from side to side and explain that the steering feels light so that indicates that power assisted steering is working.

Good luck on your test!